With experience dating back to 1996 in the Financial Planning, Insurance, Investment and Mutual Fund industry, we are qualified to fulfill this objective for our clients.

“Providing Effective, Integral,
Honourable Financial Solutions.”

…this is the philosophy of Jason Desaulniers CFP, CLU, CIM, CHS; and Excalibur Executive Planning .

According to Brewster’s Dictionary of Phrases and Fables by Ebenezer Cobham Brewer, Excalibur was originally derived from the Latin phrase Ex calce liberatus, “liberated from stone”. Likewise, we seek to liberate our clients’ hard-earned wealth from the stone-like tax regime that encases it, through the use of efficient and effective risk management strategies.

Our objective is to provide Executive and Business Owner Financial Planning Services and Products delivered in a manner clearly different and superior to what is currently available to consumers in this area.

With experience dating back to 1996 in the Financial Planning, Insurance, Investment and Mutual Fund industry, we are qualified to fulfill this objective for our clients.

This website is designed to give you, the consumer, an overview of the services and products we provide and what you can expect from our firm. It is our sincere hope that you find our approach refreshing and that we may have the opportunity to be of service to you, your family or your business.

Excalibur Executive Planning

Jason Desaulniers CFP, CLU, CIM, CHS


Jason Desaulniers CFP, CLU, CIM, CHS
Financial Planner, Excalibur Executive Planning

Jason has been working in the financial services and advice industry since 1996. He has held positions in the areas of investment and insurance planning with major banks, insurance companies, and credit unions across Western Canada. He is both a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) and Canadian Investment Manager (CIM), as well as a Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU) and Certified Health Insurance Specialist (CHS).

Following his experiences as a wholesaler serving the Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba region; Jason founded his company Excalibur Executive Planning, in February of 2007. He specializes in working with business owners by designing and implementing well-rounded risk management and estate planning strategies, as well as comprehensive investment solutions. Many of Jason’s business owner clients come to him as referrals from advisors or other allied professionals.

Jason and Chantal live in Edmonton where they enjoy exploring the extensive North Saskatchewan River trail system when time allows.

Financial Tools Page is filled with helpful calculators that provide quick answers to questions involving savings, spending and debt. These tools are not a substitute for the assistance we provide as your Financial Planner, but rather a starting point when you are considering certain financial issues. Our goal is to provide the tools, information, and service that will help you make more informed financial decisions.

Articles includes various articles on such topics as taxation and general business matters. We hope you find these articles informative. Because the topics we cover are general in nature, you should contact us to discuss your particular situation before acting upon any information.

Links & Partners is a listing of some of our favorite places on the Web. We have also placed links to the Websites of several business professionals that we work with and trust. If you have any suggestions for additions to our links page, please let me know.

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